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I have a St. Andrew's Cross to attach my slaves to with leather handcuffs. I then test their resistance to pain with clothespins and whips. I play with the cold and the hot, burning wax, nettles...
My medical background allows me to insert catheters, dilate my submissive's ass, to fist them...
I have a large cage to punish disobedient submissives and a sheperical cage to hang them above the floor, a table for those worthy of being taken by my "fucking-machine", all the necessary equipment to suspend unruly slaves.
Taking my submissives with a strapon always brings me great pleasure. I also like to crossdress them, as sluts and maids. Boot and foot worship, masturbating with my pantyhose, are rewards only given to submissives who can submit completely to me.
I don't dominate nude, and don't practice scat, zoophilia, pedophilia, choking/strangulation, sequestration, rape scenarios, wrestling, permanent markings, or piercings.

Absolutely no sexual contact is allowed.

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