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I have a unique dungeon in the region in a very discreet location, and very close to the Le Mans train station.
Before each session, we will need to discuss your limits and past experiences. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire so that I can know exactly what to expect from you.
The length of a session is 1 hour. A session of 30mn hours, a training or a party is also possible depending on your possibilities.
Appointments are available between 11:00am and 19:00 (7 pm) every day except Saturdays with a same-day appointment or the day before.
No appointments will be made without a verifiable phone number.

Anyone not coming to an appointment without a warning will be black-listed.

Privacy concerns
Rest assured that any personal information such as phone number, email or any information you give me when you contact me for an appointment, a question or anything else will stay absolutely private. I never call back even if you leave me your phone number.

Email :
I don't answer calls from withheld numbers.

Acces :
300m from the train station of Le Mans
Le Mans is at 55minutes from Paris ( TGV (fast train) every hour from Paris-Montparnasse)
New : Launch of the TGV East
Le Mans is now 3h from Strasbourg or Luxembourg, for more information please check the official site about TGV East.

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